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About Us

At a law firm based on high ethical standards, MyBKHelp strive hard to meet one goal that is, to contribute to a debt-free future. It doesn’t matter if the person is struggling with overwhelming debt, or business resorting to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as a means of debt relief; law offices are usually prepared to take on some of the most challenging and intimidating cases in regard to bankruptcy.

As one of the most premier law firms, you’ll have the assurance that bankruptcy lawyers will provide the legal support needed in various kinds of debt relief topics. This includes filing for bankruptcy, as well as finding alternatives to bankruptcy. Most firms only offer skilled representations when filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy claim, and they have the knowledge needed in order to provide each client the means to determine the type of bankruptcy they’re actually dealing with.

Due to the fact that the firm have dealt with a number of debtors these past few years, their clients have the assurance that being a victim of bankruptcy can make one feel ashamed and embarrassed about his current financial situation. Thus, they’ll do everything in order to make him feel comfortable and confident that he’s in good hands in a team of compassionate and trustworthy bankruptcy lawyers.

Furthermore, our firm’s practice focuses primarily on the representation of corporate clients and individuals in commercial bankruptcy cases, as well as related adversary proceedings. We take pride of regularly representing defendants in preferences, as well as avoidance actions brought by the US Bankruptcy court. We also represent creditors on different issues in commercial bankruptcy proceedings. This includes the relief from automatic stay, unexpired leases, and executory contracts.

By the end of the day, your legal representation at their office will at your side and you’ll have the guarantee that all your right are protected and you wouldn’t have to face the dread of being violated by abusive collectors or harassing creditors.

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