Chapter 7 vs Chapter 11 in Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 11 in Business Bankruptcy

What Is Business Bankruptcy?

Sometimes businessmen face really tough financial situations when they are not able to pay their bills and debts. In some cases business bankruptcy can turn out to be the only solution to this problem unless you have enough money to cover all the expenses. In other case, you businessmen should consider bankruptcy as one of the most efficient and reliable tolls which can be used to cope with financial difficulties. Few people know about the fact that US bankruptcy code provides with special legislation cover for businesses. According to this law cover a judge is obliged to appoint a trustee who will deal with all debts and bills. On the one hand this fact protects businessman from creditors who are eager to collect their debt. On the other hand business bankruptcy will let him eliminate his debts and start new financial life.

If you need additional information and details on possible solutions to financial problems after establishing bankruptcy, you can also consult the business bankruptcy lawyer. Thus will be the first step on your way to reorganization and new lease of business life. Pay attention to the fact that there are easier procedures for some business fields. For example, if you deal with farming or fishing, you can benefit from less complicated proceedings in accordance with US legislations. At the same time there are special conditions for international businessmen who have a chance to attract foreign bankruptcy courts in case of necessity. Business bankruptcy attorney will provide you with all necessary information regarding rules and regulations when it comes to business bankruptcy.

Debts Cancelation according to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The best way to reorganize your business and provide yourself with a new lease of financial life is to use chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to elimination of all debts. It is the main feature of chapter 7. The main condition of its implementation is the fact that businessman is obliged to sell all his corporate assets in order to pay pout at least some part of the debt. The more you can sell in such situation the better for you and creditor as you will be able to cover maximum amount of debt.

Another benefit of chapter 7 bankruptcy business is the fact that it considers elimination of all business debts no matter if corporate assets do not cover the whole debt. All bills and debts which are left must be canceled by a judge. That is why the majority of businessmen who face serious financial troubles are more likely to choose this way of solving their problems.

Reorganization Opportunities using Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

If you have ever consulted commercial bankruptcy lawyer you should be well-aware of the fact that there is possibility not to close down the whole business if you are still eager to reorganize and develop it in future. In this case chapter 11 bankruptcy will turn out to be a perfect way out. The main idea of this chapter is the fact that businessman can be provided with efficient reorganizing plan by a judge with further cancelation of particular debts and bills. At the same time the rest of the bills can be cut down and postponed. In other words you will have some time before you need to proceed with your next payment. It means that there is always a chance to develop your company without its total elimination even in the face of bankruptcy. Pay attention to the fact that there are some special rules and regulations when it comes to foreign businesses. The same thing is with different business activities and fields.